The boomerang widget is located on your dashboard near the left side under your "ewallet widget".

A.This is where you would send your boomerangs from for all of the four company verticals.

B.Here you can also see your buumerang inventory (the amount of buumerangs you have in your inventory to send out)

C.This is also where you will see the overage box (this is the number of buumerangs that you have sent out that you did not have in your inventory) 

We will always send out buumerangs for you even if you may not have them in your inventory. We want to make sure the customer has a great experience.

When you do not have enough buumerangs, then you must pay the overage amount ($5 each) of the amount of buumerangs you sent out. If that amount is not covered the customer goes into the company pool. 

Please make sure that all overages are paid so that you can retrieve your customer from the overage pool and back into your personal customer pool.

1. You are able to buy your overage packs and the unlimited packs in the shop in your back office. 

2. Purchasing the unlimited does NOT clear up your customer overages. 

3. If you have overages, you need to purchase Overages Buumerangs from the shop. 

Example: If you have 1 overage, you need to buy 1 overage. If you have 10, you need to buy 10. 

Overages cost 5x what it cost to buy them upfront and avoid overages.  

Please note: You should buy as many overages as you need to clear themselves. And then buy enough regular Buumerangs to make sure that you don’t go back to being in an overage situation.

Below are listed the amount of buumerangs that you will receive monthly for your specific subscription and for your specific pack that you purchased.