Suspended Accounts means; accounts that have been suspended for company violations and are under review or because the account has sat idle for several months without payment of monthly subscriptions or purchases. 

Your monthly subscription has to be paid monthly or a purchase of a minimum of $100 (100CV) or to be fully active with a $200 (200CV). If those minimum requirements are not met on a monthly basis, the account will go into suspended mode.

1. If the account is suspended for any of the above reasons, You must contact customer support to be reviewed and approved to be re-instated. Once reinstated you must pay your monthly subscription to be activated.

2. If suspended for more than a year the account will be terminated. (See TERMINATED accounts details)

3. Please note that account holders who have violated the terms or our policies and procedures will need to wait approximately 1 year before returning. Those individuals who were terminated after a full refunds also need to wait up to 1 year before being able to re-enroll. (Those who wish to re-enroll will go through a full review and be approved prior to re-enrollment)

4. It is the ambassadors sole responsibility to make sure that their credit card or payment method is valid, up to date and has the funds available to pay the Automatic monthly subscription. If the above are not met, the account will go into suspended mode which will affect access to your back offcie and may affect your  monthly earnings/commissions and/or access to any of the tools in our back office.