Anyone who was ever in IBUUMERANG in the past, has left and now wants to come back ... We would love to have you back!

Criteria for a come back;

  1. Did not have your account cancelled due to a company violation, violation of any terms & conditions or violated our policies and procedures in any manner
  2. If you were not fully refunded. (you are able to come back but you would need to re-enroll)
  3. Were not inactive for more than one year (1yr)

The Next Steps;

  1. Contact Customer Support
  2. They will review your account
  3. Support will set up your account for a reactivation.
  4. Depending on your membership level; Pay your current subscription in order to reactivate. Or make a purchase of a minimum or 100PQV and you are all set to go!
  5. If you were partially or fully refunded you will have to re-enroll.
  6. Make sure your contact information is up to date. Phone, address, email.
  7. Make sure your password is updated
  8. Make sure your payment information is up to date
  9. Plug into ibuumerang on Facebook and Instagram
  10. Plug into Flight School every Saturday
  11. Connect with their Active Upline Team Leader
  12. If you don't know who your up-line leadership is, just ask and we will help you get plugged in.
  13. Get up to date for any new products and information that were introduced while you were gone.

    Welcome Back to the family! We are glad you are here!