It is very important for us to make sure we keep your account safe and secure at all times.

And we know that is may get frustrating when you need help with something right away, AND things just aren't moving as quickly as you want them to at times.

We understand that.

But, when it comes to your profile and the safety and security of your account, we take that very seriously.

Therefore when reaching out to customer service, with an email that is not associated to your account, or when we ask you a few questions to verify your identity, we are doing it to keep everything safe and secure.

Let us help you. 

When emailing customer service please make sure;

  • you are emailing from the email you use on your account. 
  • you are prepared to prove your account information.
  • you are not contacting us to ask about someone else's account
  • you are not contacting us on someone else's behalf.
  • You may include others in your email regarding general questions, but understand that once we are asked about specific account information and details we will not be able to CC those that you initially included in your email. Our response will solely go to the account holder, for safety and security reasons.

  • We will not make changes or updates to someone else's account unless they are the account holder.
  • We will not share any type of information about someone else's account to anyone other than the account holder. Unless the account holder authorizes us in writing to share information with someone other than the account holder.