Travel Savings Bonuses or TSB's get paid on the 20th of every month. 

They are paid after a customer takes a trip. It is not when the customer books the trip. The customer must take the trip first and as long as they don't cancel the trip, the ambassador gets paid approximately 30-60 days after the trip is completed. 

Why do I get paid after the trip? 

  • Many people book trips in advance. Therefore there may be times when a customer books a trip and then may cancel before they actually take the trip.
  • They may qualify for a refund after they have taken a trip- e.g. a bad experience on the trip, they may have had an emergency, delays in travel, unforeseen weather etc. That is why there is a short wait period to make sure nothing has changed and the trip was completed with no changes or refunds.
  • Once the trip is taken, our travel partner gets paid first for the trip, and then we get paid after that. Therefore it takes a little time to get paid so that we can pay you your bonus.