·  Make sure the credit card in your profile is set as a primary, especially if there is more than one card in your back office. (if it is not set to primary, it will take the money from E-Wallet first) which may cause a default in payment if there are not enough funds in your e-wallet.

If you do not have a credit card it the system will pull your payment from your e-wallet. Please ensure you always have funds available or your account will go into default. 

·      Once a payment is made your will be sent an email that the payment has been processed. You will also get an email if the payment did not run successfully.

·      Please be aware that we will not automatically run the payment again if it defaults. You will have to reactivate manually. (or may need a reactivate button).

If you missed the payment please contact customer service immediately so that we can get your payment processed.

·      If you miss a payment, you will also miss your commissions for the following month.

·      there is grace period. And you may seem active and able to access your account (always check the battery picture on your profile and the PV’s under that battery  on your dashvoard. You should have at least 100PV. If not you have not qualified for commissions.