All buumerangs are located in your ibuumerang back office on your dashboard.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see your buumerang creator.

Buumerangs are sent by choosing what type of buumerang you would like to create. Choose from Igo (travel), Bill Genius (BG) or Vibe buumerang (rider or driver).

You will need the persons email and phone number in order to create the buumerang.

You can create group bummerangs and individual buumerangs.

With group buumerangs, you need to make sure you have enough buumerangs in your inventory. Meaning, if you want to send one code to 10 people, you need to make sure you have at least 10 buumerangs or you will not be able to send them their buumerang code. 

You can either use the automated system to send the buumerangs air you can manually send a buumerang.

Sending manually you will just need to cut and past the buumerang code that was generated and email it or text it so the recipient through your phone or email.

Please remember that when using the automated system that the recipient is able to receive messages through an automated system. 

Via email it may go to spam because the email is not recognized or it may not go through on their mobile because the system cannot accept generated text messages or it may be in a country that is not able to receive automated codes. 

With your buumerang code, you must send the recipient instructions on where to redeem the code to be able to utilize it with regards to IGO travel or Bill Genius or Vibe.

In order for the code to be redeemed please instruct the recipient to go to:

enter the code to redeem and it will take them to the exact landing page, whether it is IGO free travel platform, the Bill Genius Platform or be connected to you in regards to earning from Drives and Rides via Vibe Rides.