• An ambassador cannot generate Travel Savings Bonuses from their own trips/bookings. 
  • They can generate points from the booking of the trip once it has been taken and not cancelled, but it does not generate commissions. 
  • The only commissions they receive is if they help book a group booking through Xstream travel. Then they receive a 25% referral bonus. 
  • Ambassadors/TSA's (Travel Savings Ambassadors) already benefit from 100% of the wholesale savings they receive. As an ambassador your savings are the benefit. 
  • Ambassadors generate commissions from their customers bookings , not from their own bookings.
  • If you book a trip for a friend or family member through your own booking engine/account, you will not receive commissions for that booking. The system looks at that like your own personal booking because it was done through your own account.
  • We advise having friends and family book their trips through their own free booking platform for you to be able to benefit from those bookings.