• The Vault Susbsciption is a very powerful tool, that will help guide you and your team toward a successful journey with the training tools and videos available to you at anytime. Over 50 hours of powerful trainings from your top leaderships and CEO.

  • The Vault subscription is $19.95 per months and is available in your back office. Click on tools tab on the left in your back office. Then click training.

  • We do not cancel vault subscriptions, they only expire. If you don't pay the monthly fee and miss the payment, you will have to buy it the following month to have access. 
  • The Vault Subscription promo that was announced at Excelleratte in February of 2020. It was to purchase the initial subscription for $19.95 and get it free for six months. If you now don’t have access it means the promo has since expired.
  • If you subscribed later in the month and after February of 2020, the 6 months promo does not start from your purchase date, it started when the promo was announced in February. Which means if you started in April you only had a few months left of the promotion.

  • If an ambassador wants to join in the training subscription once again they need to pay the price every month.