Hello. I wanted to get some clarification regarding commissions with Bill Genius. Are they calculated and then paid out monthly or weekly? Can someone also please direct me to where I can see which commissions have been paid on my report. Thank you in advance for your help!


1. BG (Bill Genius), IGO (travel savings bonuses), VIBE commissions are paid out monthly on the 20th. 

2. The calculation deadline is around the 15th. So anything after that will go to the following month. Anything before the 15th will be paid on the 20th of that month.

3. All you need to do is go to your back office. Click on commissions on the left tab. 

4. Go to your monthly tab on the top right. 

5. Click on the specific date you are inquiring about in the drop down. Click submit. 

And the commissions for the month will pop up. 

They will be identified as such. Bill Genius Commission. Vibe Commission, TSB/IGO commissions. 

6. Then you can click on the commissions listed and it will give you the exact amount you a have earned. If it is not listed you have not earned it for that month. Please note, does not mean you have not, maybe it was passed the end date for that month and may be in the next months commissions. 


PLEASE NOTE: If go to the monthly commissions tab on the top right of the screen and its blank with no date. That usually means there was no monthly commissions during that month/period. Which indicates right away that you will have no drop down date to click on.