Terminated Accounts means; accounts that have been terminated for company violations, as per request of the individual or because the account has sat idle for more than six months.

1. If the account is terminated for any of the above reasons, the account is purged from the system after six months. What remains is the ambassadors that are active and the customers in that specific account.

2. What happens is what we call compression. Which means, the customers of said account gets pushed upwards to the sponsoring upline. This only occurs with customers and not with ambassadors.

3. Please note: The compression occurs six months after the six months period. Which is approximately 1 year. That is because a person who wants to come back before the six months is able to do so and reactivate, as long as no violations have occurred or as long as they were not fully refunded. If they were refunded or want to come back after the six months period, the would have to re-enroll again.

4. Please note that account holders who have violated the terms or our policies and procedures will need to wait approximately 1 year before returning. Those individuals who were terminated after a full refunds also need to wait up to 1 year before being able to re-enroll. (Those who wish to re-enroll will go through a full review prior to re-enrollment).