72-Hour Prioritization 
Arrivals: If you are within 72 hours of arriving to your reservation, we are prioritizing your request.

Returns: If you are within 72 hours of returning from your reservation, we are prioritizing your request.

Phone Calls

Unless you are within the 72-hour window, we strongly encourage you not to call the Reservations Hotline to cancel your reservation or request a refund. Please follow the steps under ‘Cancelling Your Reservation’ for the most efficient method to submit your request.
If you are not within the 72-hour window, we ask that you restrict your calls to the Reservations Hotline to request for waiving fees associated with your reservation due to the extremely high call volume that we’re experiencing.  

Cancelling Your Reservation 

The most effective method for cancelling your reservation is directly through the iGo account in which the reservation was booked. To do so: 
·  Go to My Account > View Reservations
·  Select the reservation you need to cancel 
·  Cancel the appropriate reservation  
Requesting a Refund (via Email or Live Chat)

Once you have cancelled your reservation, submit a message using the Message Center to request a refund for the reservation. All request for refunds must include:
·  Complete name under which the reservation was booked
·  Reservation number
·  TSA number
·  Email address
·  Telephone number (i.e. +1 (555) 555-5555)
·  Explanation of refund request, special request or accommodations
Live Chat

If you have the “Live Chat” feature available in your iGo portal, you may connect with an agent to request a refund or if you need assistance cancelling your reservation.
Processing Your Refund

As you can imagine, we are receiving a higher number of cancellation and refund request as we navigate through the current global situation. We are processing every request in a timely fashion, but we do ask for your patience during this process. Due to the high volume of request and the various vendors involved in the process, you may not see your refund credited to your method of payment for up to 8-weeks from the time we receive the required information and the refund is processed.
Request that are missing the required information will be delayed. 

Rewards Credit Alternative

Alternatively, you have the option to have your refund processed back to your member account as “Reward Credits.” Reward credits are posted immediately and are valid for 18 months from the time of crediting.