Resolving Payment Challenges

Payment challenges are frustrating - we get it! To resolve most payment challenges, follow the steps below:

  1. Acceptable Card

- Please see our Accepted Forms of Payment article to ensure your card is on the list of acceptable cards. In general, accepted cards include MasterCard and Visa embossed cards. 

- You are only allowed to add a new card during an active purchasing process (i.e. purchasing an upgrade, subscriptions, membership renewal, Buum purchases or other).  

  2. Use Recommended Browser(s)

While our technologies can be used in most internet browsers, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for use with our platforms.

  1. Update Back Office

Navigate to and sign into your Back Office

Select the “Profile Picture” Icon

Select “My Profile”

After you’ve selected the “My Profile” link, the Dashboard will load. 

  • Select “Billing” and scroll to the bottom of the billing page and “DELETE” your saved card.

Delete Browser History and Cookies

This is a very important step to resolving payment issues. Every time you visit a website, that website stores “cookies” on your device to expedite the loading process for the next time you visit the site. The method for deleting your browser history and cookies varies depending on the manufacturer of your computer and the internet browser you’re using. 

Add New Card

Now that you’ve deleted your old card, browser history and cookies, you will want to "REACTIVATE" your subscription. 

Navigate to the "SUBSCRIPTION" page from the Dashboard navigation menu. 

Once the page has loaded, click the "REACTIVATE" hyperlink. 

To reactivate, you will need to confirm your request to reactivate your subscription (see below)

If you have a Voucher code, enter it into the field to the left of "APPLY."

If you are adding a credit or debit card, select the drop down (as seen below) and select "ADD NEW CARD." If You see the card you want to use listed as "AVAILABLE" but "INACTIVE," DO NOT select that card during this process. You will need to use the "ADD NEW CARD" feature and input the complete details of your card.  

Once you select "ADD NEW CARD," click "SUBMIT."

Upon clicking submit, you'll be taken to a page to enter your card details. 


After you have entered (verified proper input) your card details, you must "AGREE TO THE TERMS" before selecting "SUBMIT". 

Once you have taken the above steps (within the allotted time frame) your payment will be processed.

*Note: If your transaction is declined because of being blacklisted or due to an international merchant block employed by your bank or financial institution, you will have to contact them directly to update / remove any blocks. 

Additional References: 

Accepted Forms of Payment

Declined Transactions