There are two ways to book Cruises and two ways to earn:


1. Referrals to XStream Travel: 

If you refer a Group Cruise to Xstream Travel by submitting a Travel Referral Form (see under Resource Tab), 

the Ambassador will earn 25% of the travel commission paid to Xstream Travel as a referral bonus. No commissions are paid upline in this case.


2. Direct Bookings on iGO:  

If you or your customers book a cruise or cruise package via your iGo platform :


a. Customers and Traveling Ambassadors will receive a discount in the form of a cruise rebate

b. Referring Ambassadors will receive a Direct Travel Savings Bonus (TSB)

c. Upline Ambassadors will receive an Overriding Travel Savings Bonus via the Unilvel.


iGo Example:


10% of Base Price of the Cruise is paid out


So if ...


Total Cruise Price = $1500.00 (includes taxes, fees and port charges)

Base Cruise Price = $1000.00 (base cruise price is variable)

10% of Cruise Base Price = $100.00


a. If Traveler is an Ambassador:


Ambassador receives 80% rebate = $80

Comp Plan = 10% = $10 paid out as override in Unilevel


b. If Traveler is a Customer:


Customer receives 40% rebate = $40

Referring Ambassador receives 30% = $30 Direct Travel Savings Bonus

Comp Plan = 21% = $21 paid out as override in Unilevel