The Dashboard will indicate when you are active. 

Please note: you may not show active until your subscription is paid.

See picture below of how to see if you are active. 

50 PQV: You will be able to access your account but with limited use of tools and data. 

100 PQV:  You will have full use of all of your tools and receive commissions with a minimum of 100 QV each month.

Active = you are able to earn money other than FSBs and Travel Referral Commissions

Standbys will  show 50% as long as they have paid their monthly subscription.  This is because they have not Activated (200 PQV within a 3-month period).  

Activated = 1-time requirement

Active = Monthly requirement

As you can see on the dashboard it will also indicate when you reach Star Achiever (300PQV) and Superstar Achiever (5 OR MORE STAR ACHIEVERS)